Theater Musicians Association
Southern California Chapter

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The TMA - an official Player Conference of the American Federation of Musicians- is an organization that unites professional theater musicians from all over the U.S. and Canada.  The TMA deals with issues specific to one segment of the music community - in this case, theater musicians - whether on Broadway, in other cities, or on tour.  As theater musicians, we are uniquely qualified to guide the Union in matters that pertain to us such as wages, working conditions, job security, and displacement by recordings.  As such, we serve as an information network between theater musicians and the Union, and among theater musicians themselves.
The TMA has held nine International Conferences. At the present time, we have over 350 members from more than 30 cities; and we continue to grow. We have chapters established in six cities (areas): Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Northern California, Southern California, and St. Louis.
Our newsletter, The Pit Bulletin, contains itineraries and instrumentations of touring shows, contract information, news and articles of interest to theater musicians everywhere.
We look forward to having you join us and add your voice to those already working toward a better future for theater musicians.

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